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Copy/paste two fields? Or another option?

Question asked by HeathCave on Jul 15, 2011
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Copy/paste two fields? Or another option?


Novice FM designer here, so please don't kill me for asking what may be a dumb question...

I have FM 8.5 and here's my need:

I have a field that I use for our staff to be able to make notes. We all like to keep running notes in one field that can be viewed easily and "at a glance". So to add a note to the field previously, I wrote an "Add Note" script for that has copied the field's data, then placed a text into the top of the field that listed the User, Date and Time of the "new note" and then re-pasted the old notes below the new entry info. The problem is that it then places the cursor at the bottom of the note field. So, the user has to go back up to to the top of the field and begin entering notes below the new note text that was just auto-entered by the script. This of course is probably not what a real FM programmer would do to get this done, but it's what I did to fill the need for us to be able to keep a one field, "at a glance" notes area for our contacts.

I have been wanting to fix this and thought I would write a script that opened a new window (new layout w/ a separate "new note" field) where you could enter a note into my "New Note" field, select "OK" and then it would paste that note into the normal notes field. The problem is that it overwrites the notes currently in that field when it pastes it in. So, I made a "Notes Holder" field where the script copies the old notes to, then copies/pastes the "New Notes" field. My thought was to Paste the new note, then copy the "Notes Holder" field and paste it, but I can't paste from the "New Notes" field and then the "Notes Holder" field into the "Notes" field without losing one of the copied fields' data. Any time something gets pasted it overwrites what was already there.

So, bottom line is how do I submit the new note into the notes field without overwriting the old notes?? I know I could go with a portal setup somehow and each note would have it's own field. But, we want to be able to keep the notes in one scrollable field. Am I over-complicating this?? Is there another single-field option?

Hopefully, I gave enough info to get some help with this. I know enough to be dangerous in FM I guess, so I appreciate any help.