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Copying a calculated ressult to a related record

Question asked by willrollo on Jul 6, 2013
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Copying a calculated ressult to a related record


     I would like the result of a calculated field

     (in this case,

     Case(INVOICE DETAILS::Deposit Invoice= "Yes"  and Balance_Due= 0; Globals::Checkmark_g ;INVOICE DETAILS::Deposit Invoice= ""  and Balance_Due > 0; Globals::Delete_g;Globals::Delete_g)

     This calculation is designed to show, by way of a tick or cross icon, whether or not an invoice has been settled. However, in this business, there are nearly always two invoices per order - one is a deposit invoice, the other the balance. The acocuntant has asked for an indicator (my idea of tick or cross icons) to appear on the main invoice, to reflect whether the deposit has been settled. So I have two records from my Invoice details tables per order. One will show a balance of 0 (if the deposit has been settled) the other will show a balance of the remaining amount. IS there a way to copy a calculated field result (in this case the tick or corss icon) into a related record (the main invoice). I have created a new field InvoiceDetails::Deposit Paid Image original Invoice to recieve the result. I think it needs to be done via calculated fields as opposed to scripts but cannot think how...

     I would be grateful for suggestions as I have been at this for a week without success....

     Thank you