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    Copying a column



      Copying a column


      This seems so simple, but I can't find the answer. I'm new to FileMaker. Is it possible to copy a column of data from Filemaker, similar to what you would do in a spreadsheet? My records are for membership in an association and I just want to be able to copy and paste into an email for the board of directors, a list of who has not paid their dues. I don't want to have to retype the names and I think saving the list as a spreadsheet and then copying from there is cumbersome. Any advice is appreciated. 

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          Are you using FileMaker to send the email or do you need to paste this data into your email program?

          No copy and paste is needed for the first option.

          For the second, if you change to a layout based on the same table where this one column is the only filed present, copy all records will copy the column of data, with returns seperating each value, to the clip board. This can be scripted so that all you do is click a button and then you change applications and paste.

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            I need the second option (pasting from the database into my Mac Mail). I frequently also have to paste a list into reports done in QuarkXpress or Word. So a layout with just this field is required and I can copy that into another program, if I understand correctly. Scripts are beyond me at this time, but I hope to be able to learn that in the future. 

            Thank you for your help!