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copying a field between tables

Question asked by deshi19 on Mar 7, 2010
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copying a field between tables


Hi everyone, total filemaker pro newbie here. If you could help me out with this script I'm working on, I'd really appreciate it.


My basic structure is this: I have 2 tables in a database, one with fewer records (table 1) than the other (table 2). Table 2 may or may not have a duplicate entry in table 1. What I want to do is to copy a certain field (let's call it the "special identifier" field) from table 2 into table 1 if there happens to be a duplicate. I have created a unique ID for each record in both tables. Should there be a duplicate entry, those ID's will be the same. What I am having problems with is writing the script that will do the following:


For each record in table 2, search through table 1 to see if the unique ID's match. If so, copy the "special identifier" field from table 2 to table 1. I'd like this to repeat until every record in table 2 has been matched with table 1, and at the end, table 1 will have some entries with that "special identifier" field.


Does this make sense? I spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out how to do this. If anyone can help, you will totally make my weekend. Thanks in advance!


edit: sorry forgot to say I am using Filemaker pro 10