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Correct scripting involving two Filemaker 10 database files

Question asked by wdockery on Sep 9, 2010


Correct scripting involving two Filemaker 10 database files


This is a cross-post with FM Forums.  I'm a relative scripting newbie and wondered whether anyone  could get me started with a script that accesses two separate Filemaker  database files.  One file contains a list of phonathon volunteers (name,  email address, and recordID).  The other file contains a list  (approximately 10 times more names than the volunteer list) of donors  (name, email address, and recordID).  I would like to assign a volunteer  to each donor, and I would like the volunteer workload to be equal.   I'm hoping for a script that accurately and evenly apportions donor  names to each volunteer.  I'm anticipating a script that counts the  number of volunteers, counts the number of donors, starts in the  volunteer database, finds the first record, jumps to the donor database,  assigns the correct number of donors to the first volunteer, jumps to  the second record in the volunteer database, assigns donors to that  volunteer, and so on, exiting at the end of the pairings.  I'm not sure  in which file I should write the script, and I don't know the correct  coding to get the job done.  Thanks for any advice!                           <!--POLLS--> <!--FILES--> <!--SIGNATURE-->