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Correlate container field (image) with portal row

Question asked by AmberDavis on Oct 28, 2014
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Correlate container field (image) with portal row


My FM is set up with records in the Inventory layout. In the inventory layout there is a container field for a picture of the inventory item. In a different layout (ShopOrders) there is a portal that pulls the inventory items. I want the picture associated with the inventory item from portal to pop up on the ShopOrders page. It will show the proper image for the first row in the portal, but after that it will not change pictures. 

So far I have something like:

**On the Item field inside portal** OnObjectModify "Set Transaction Price"

Set Transaction Price script:


Set Variable $ItemID: Transactions::Item

New Window

Go to Layout Inventory

Enter Find Mode

Perform Find

Set Variable [$image; image|container]

close window

set field [shoporders::container; $image]

commit records

Any suggestions on how to make it so after every entry the box will update itself with the current item?