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Corresponding Count Calculation...

Question asked by productionQC on Dec 17, 2012
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Corresponding Count Calculation...


     Perhaps someone can help me with this problem.  I have tried several ways to accomplish this with no success.

     I have 2 tables, the main or parent is Tests and the other is Products.  I have a portal within the Products layout that which I want to list all of the entered product names, followed by a count of how many times each product has been tested.  This is the part I can't seem to make work.  I do not want to use a Summary report as this is not how we want the information displayed.  Rather we would like to have a calculation field or summary field to put in the portal that can count the number of test that contain a particular product name.  Thus we get a portal result that looks like this:

     Product A              25Tests
     Product B                5Tests
     Product C              18Test


     We have tried everything and can't seem to make it work.  Right now we have all of the products listed in the portal using a self relationship with products.  We just can't seem to figure out the "Count" function or any other method to give us the test counts.  

     Any suggestions?