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    Corrupt Database



      Corrupt Database


      I'm a newbie and hobbyist and my first database now appears corrupt.

      I go to Manage -> Database and then choose any table and any field.

      If I click then click the options button, and then click the OK button, even without making any change a crash occurs.

      I exported the main table to a tab delimited file but only some of the records end up being exported even though all records are shown in the browse mode.

      Additional attempts at exporting yield the same result — only the same number of records gets exported each time.

      I was able to sucessfully export all the other tables so it seems like the main table is the one that is corrupt.

      I can make changes in any of the layouts and all reports print as expected.

      The issue seems to be I can't make any changes to database's structure but I can change the data and layouts.

      Any comments on what options I might have would be appreciated.


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          Have you tried using the File -Recover tool?  Would always be a good starting point for a corrupted file.  Do you have a back-up of the file, back to a time before this happened?

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            Launch FileMaker without opening this file.

            Select Recover from the File menu.

            Recover your file.

            This should repair your file, but there are no guarantees. The best defense against file corruption is to make and keep frequent sequential back ups. The key is to not keep just one backup (it might be corrupt too), but to keep an entire series of backups. This allows you to check each backup in turn until you find a copy that is not damaged. You can then save a clone of this copy and import all data from a recovered copy of your file into this clone. We have a backup scheme in place for our database files that backs them up every 1-2 hours with each hourly backup retained for the day, makes a verified back up every night with each nightly backup retained for the month, and we then manually pull one back up copy each month into an "archive" directory for perpetual storage. We also copy some of these backups into other physical locations so that damage/destruction of the site where the server is located will not destroy all copies of our data.

            Things to keep in mind about Recover:

            While Recover almost always detects and fully corrects any problems with your file...

            1. The recovered copy may behave differently even if recover reports "no problems found".
            2. Recover does not detect all problems
            3. Recover doesn't always fix all problems correctly
            4. Best Practice is to never put a recovered copy back into regular use or development. Instead, replace the damaged file with an undamaged back up copy if this is at all possible. You may have to save a clone of the back up copy and import all data from your recovered copy to get a working copy with the most up to date information possible.
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              I do keep 3 sequential Backups of my work in addition to the current version. I make backups several times a day.

              However believing I pretty much had all my tabels in their final format I hadn't visited that area of FileMaker in a few days.

              Today is when I discovered I couldn't make any changes to my tables.

              I haven't tried the File -> Recover tool as yet but will do so shortly and then report back.

              Thanks for your insight and suggested steps for possible recovery.



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                Thanks, I got it recovered.