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Corrupt Database

Question asked by jb362 on Aug 3, 2012
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Corrupt Database


I'm a newbie and hobbyist and my first database now appears corrupt.

I go to Manage -> Database and then choose any table and any field.

If I click then click the options button, and then click the OK button, even without making any change a crash occurs.

I exported the main table to a tab delimited file but only some of the records end up being exported even though all records are shown in the browse mode.

Additional attempts at exporting yield the same result — only the same number of records gets exported each time.

I was able to sucessfully export all the other tables so it seems like the main table is the one that is corrupt.

I can make changes in any of the layouts and all reports print as expected.

The issue seems to be I can't make any changes to database's structure but I can change the data and layouts.

Any comments on what options I might have would be appreciated.