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    Corrupt Database, Will Not Open



      Corrupt Database, Will Not Open


           Somehow my FileMaker database that I have been working on became corrupt and will not open. Every time I try to open the db I get a message that says that the file was improperly closed, checking for consistency…  Then it begins to do a Database update where it says “Records remaining to process:” it starts at 20 then works down to 1 with a progress bar. It processes for about 5-6 hours then when it gets to having one record left it stops and there is a ‘Not Responding’ message.

           I have tried a number of things suggested through the forum from trying to recover the file (no luck) to creating a script in a new database to open the corrupt file. I haven’t had any luck.

           If there is anyone who could give me some other ideas on what to do to get my file to open so I can delete whatever file/layout that is causing the corruption please let me know.

           Any help would be greatly appreciated!!  Thank you.

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               Seems like you have two options left:

               Replace the file with the most recent backup copy that does not show signs of file damage.

               Pay to have the file repaired. FileMaker offers such a service and the folks that produce FM Diff (I think) offer such a service as well.