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    Corrupted files.



      Corrupted files.


      I have a corrupted file which creates small problems in searching for duplicate records.  I have tried several things (w/Filemaker Tech help) but no solution.  If I exported the data to a whole new file (and rebuild all my layouts, etc.) would that allow be to start fresh and get rid of the corruption?

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          It should. If corruption is truly what's causing your problem.


          Since you've been working with FM Tech, you've probably tried these two  solutions:


          1) save a clone of your file and import the records from your current file

          2) Recover the file.


          My concern here is that the above two fixes will usually fix this problem and that makes me wonder:


          Is it possible that something else is leading you to believe that you can't find the records that is misleading you into thinking that the file is damaged? If it's not actually damaged, then rebuilding the file from scratch won't solve your problem.


          Here's a "quickie rebuild" process that can reconstruct your file without having to do everything "nail by nail":


          1. Use import records to import both tables and records into your new file. Make sure that each new table this process creates has exactly the same name as your originals.
          2. Set up an relationships you need. Make sure these are exactly the same, with exactly the same names as your original.
          3. Create duplicates of each layout. Make sure they have exactly the same name and refer to exactly the same table reference as your original. Now you can copy and paste your entire layout from the old file into the new.
          4. Import all your scripts
          5. review and edit all field calculations. During the table import, many calc fields may have been enclosed in /* comment */ symbols as they referred to tables/relationships that did not yet exist. Now that you've re-created these references, you can delete the comment symbols.
          6. review and edit all your scripts. If you've avoided any typos, they should be error free.
          7. Check each layout button that triggers a script and make sure that they are set to perform the correct one.
          8. In like manner, make sure any script triggers are set up correctly.

          Now you're set to see if you actually fixed anything with your rebuild.