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Question asked by RickWhitelaw on Mar 24, 2011
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I've wrung my hands over this many times (thanks to avisos from posters on this forum) without actually ever encountering an issue with this file . I have one file of a seven-file solution that reports errors when recovered. As I've mentioned previously, this file has reported errors ever since its size was in the "Ks" . . . in other words, since it was created. This evening I ran Recover with almost every combination of Advanced options and I sense I've isolated the problem. When FMPA was trying to recover  Table " " it created a new table "Recovered" as well as a few fields named "Recovered" for a total of four objects created upon recovery. Of course Table " " doesn't exist.

  Should I be worried about this? If I open the recovered file and delete the table and fields created by the recover process, then recover the "recovered" file again, no issues are presented. I find this odd. FM "finds" problems, creates a table and fields to "solve" the problem, but if I delete the stuff that FM has created during the recover process, I end up with a "clean" file!

Another issue, and I find this annoying, is when I create a DDR and do a find on the word "missing", I get hits on almost all files. Almost all of them involve a field "missing" from "Fields used in this script". Of course, in the actual body of the script, the word "missing" is nowhere to be found.

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