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Count (summarize) fields with checkbox values

Question asked by DaleLyles on Feb 7, 2014
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Count (summarize) fields with checkbox values


     I have a field that records free responses from a survey (RESPONSE), in this case reasons why a student didn't like his online learning experience.  My team then categorizes these responses (REASON) in a checkbox field.

     The problem is that, humans being what they are, some responses have two different complaints and require two checkboxes, e.g., "system broke" and "teacher gave too many assignments."

     Since the checkbox field actually records the text of the checkbox as its content, I can't simply summarize the checkboxes just by counting them, because I'll get a count for technical issues and a count for teacher issues and a count for technical issues, teacher issues combined—three summaries instead of two.

     IOW, with three records:

  1.           tech issues
  3.           teacher issues
  5.           tech issues, teacher issues


     What I get is:

  •           tech issues (1)
  •           teacher issues (1)
  •           tech issues, teacher issues (1)


     And what I need is:

  •           tech issues (2)
  •           teacher issues (2)


     Anyone have a workaround for this?