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    Count 2 Numbers  from one table



      Count 2 Numbers  from one table


      Hello Guys , this is what i am looking for

      I have one table called invoices with drop downmenu, DrDown values are Invoiced paid, Invoiced Notpaid , Quotation, What i prefer to copunt all this 3 Sepratly. 


      For instance , lets say we have 5 invoices.,

      invoice no 1 total 10 (Invoiced)

      invoice no 1 total 20 (Invoiced)

      invoice no 1 total 30 (Quotation)


      So what should be the endresult  30 invoices and 30 Pending /quotation 


      thanks  in advanced.

      what i am looking for to filter those values and count  the total sepratly . what  function can i use to acomplish this task ?

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          Do you have 5 invoices or 3 in your example?

          Are you counting invoices or  computing a total (sum) of the invoice totals? (Both are possible)

          What layout design must this be part of?

          A summary report based on invoices could easily produce this report:

          Invoiced Paid (count and/or total)
          Invoiced Not Paid ( count and/or total)
          Quotaition (count and/or total)

          The individual invoices can be listed under each of the above rows or it can set up just to show these three rows.

          If you want this as part of a more complex layout, then a portal, or possibly 3 filtered one row portals can be used to show the subtotals and/or counts for each type of invoice record.

          In both cases, you can filter to a specific subset of the invoice records or show totals/counts for all the records in your table.