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Count a Specific Text in a Select Field

Question asked by VeronNovosad on May 27, 2015
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Count a Specific Text in a Select Field


I am trying to figure out how to the number of times a specific text is used in a field. I have viewed practically every other posting that is similar to my problem and still cannot get anything to work.

I have a field called Category in the table Resources.  Under Category there is a value list containing People; Equipment; Vehicle; Vessel and Other.  I have created the fields called Total People, Total Equipment, etc. and want  to have a calculation/summary that will provide me with the number of times People is entered in the Category field.

I have tried the following Case; PatternCount; ValueCount; ExecuteSQL; self-join relationship and I only get three results: A count of 1 in every Total field; a blank Total field; or a count of 0.

Obviously I am missing something and am getting frustrated trying to figure this out.

Help is definitely appreciated.