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count based on multiple fields / values

Question asked by alexandre_1 on Oct 11, 2010
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count based on multiple fields / values



I've trying to find the answer on the internet / this forum, but I'm unable to find it. My apologies in advanced if I've not been searching for the right thing or it is overtly obvious:

I've got two tables.

Table overview with a field person_id. Table analyses with three fields; person_id, no_analyses, date.

Now I've set up the relationship between the tables based on person_id and am able to display in the layout of table overview the total number of analyses a person has done by adding a field sum_analyses which is the calculation Count(analyses:no_analyses)

Now the second thing I would like to show is the number of analyses a person has done within a date range (a year for example or month). Although It doesn't look too complicated I'm unable to do this, as I can't find the right function to do the job (or combination thereof).

Does someone have a suggestion?