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Count Calculation (Summary Table)

Question asked by sarahbergquist on Oct 2, 2013
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Count Calculation (Summary Table)


     Hi, I'm trying to gather a running count based on parameters. Ideally, I'd like this to automatically update when new criteria is added to the db (e.g. new dates). 

     So, I have 1 field for TYPE (type1, type2, type3) and one field for DATE (10/02/13, 10/03/13, etc). For each record added to the table the date is automatically updated and the user inputs the type.  I would like to keep track of how many entries are added per day in a separate table using the count function in calculation. 

     My final table would look like this: 

     TYPE     DATE         COUNT

     type 1     10/02/13     3

     type 1     10/03/13     5

     type 2     10/02/13     6

     type 2     10/03/13     2

     type 3     10/02/13     5

     type 3     10/03/13     6

     You might recognize this as being very similar to a pivot table in excel. If I am wrong to use the count function, please let me know.  I cannot figure out how to join the date fields and summarize by fields. (p.s. I am not interested in using subsummaries)