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Count data from two fields in one subsummary report

Question asked by nanders on Mar 29, 2010
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Count data from two fields in one subsummary report


I'm not sure if my subject clearly conveys my issue...hopefully, this explains it better...I am working with a FileMaker Pro 8.5 database at a university. The table I’m working with is titled “Student Info.” It displays basic demographic and education information, including college major, about each student. Most students have only one major, but some have two majors. Therefore, two “Major” fields exist: “Major 1” and “Major 2.” I am trying to create a subsummary report that displays the number of students in each major. I created a subsummary report with Major 1 as the sort field so the report displays a count of all students for each Major 1, but I would like the students with two majors to be counted in each respective report category (for example, if a student has Art Education listed in Major 1 and Elementary Education listed in Major 2, that student should be counted as an Art Education Major and as an Elementary Education Major). As the report is set up currently, that student would only be counted as an Art Education Major because Major 1 is the sort field. How do I modify the table and set up the report to ensure that students with data in Major 1 and Major 2 are counted for each respective Major? Thanks so much for any advice that you offer.