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    Count function with drop down list.



      Count function with drop down list.



      I would like to know if its possible to do a count function if my data is not keyed in but was selected as a drop down list in a field. 


      For example: 

      Field: Rooms

      Drop down list: Twin, triple, single. 

      I would like to calculate the number of twin that was selected. 

      Is that possible? 

      If so, how is it done. 

      Would appreciate the help. Thanks. 


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          There are a number of ways and it depends on the design of your database.

          Assuming that you have one field, rooms in each record, you can pull up a found set of records and sort them by the Rooms field. Then a summary field defined as the "count of rooms (or any other never empty field in your table)" can be placed in a sub summary layout part "when sorted by Rooms" and you'll get a count for how many records have Twin, how many of Triple and so forth.

          There are also ways to set up a relationship so that records with "Twin" are the records that are linked via relationship to the current record. And then there are several ways to use either a summary field or the count function to count the number of related records.