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    COUNT IF with certain values



      COUNT IF with certain values


      Hi, I'm turning to you with a basic problem:


      So far, I have used Numbers to evaluate placement test results. It has worked quite well, but is becoming painfully slow with 1500+ student records and a number of charts in the same document.


      As FM 11 features charts, I'm thinking of setting up a database to speed up the process. However, I have not been able to find an equivalent to an essential Numbers function:


      =COUNTIF(Table :: Column,">="0.9)


      Could somebody help me find an equivalent functon in FileMaker? 

      Thank you in advance,





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          You have several possibilities in filemaker depending on your values and the structure of your tables.


          One method is to use two fields for this.


          Field1: Column > 0.9     (this field will return 1 for every record where column is greater than or equal to 0.9)

          Field 2; Summary, Total of  Field 1 (this will give you the total number of records where the expression in field 1 is true)


          There are also ways to set up a summary report with sub summary parts (or a chart with the same sub totals) that would use a Count of Summary field and sorting to group your records by the value to be sub-totaled.

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            Thank you Phil!


            The first method works great, and much much faster than Numbers:-)