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count issue - again!

Question asked by willrollo on Feb 5, 2014
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count issue - again!


     I have four tables that are linked to each to other using keys. 
     Customers - Invoice details - invoice items - products.
     I also have a table called invoices that is linked to the invoice details table. The idea of this invoices table is that it creates an invoice number for the invoice details records that show the user the contents of an invoice. (I also have a quote and order table seat up in this way also).
     When I export these invoice details records as a csv file, the required format for importing into my book keeping software is that each line item creates a record in the csv -This record must contain various fields, such as invoice number, custom renumber, price, tax etc.
     So one export may contain two invoices for two customers. If customer 1 has an invoice with three lines on and the other customer’s invoice is a single line, then the csv export file will have 4 records on it. 
     What I want to do is display in a dialogue this message “ You have exported 2 customer’s invoices. A total of 2 invoices”
     I have looked at the sum of reciprocal and counts but cant seem to get the required result. I am launching the export from an invoice details layout, if this matters at all…I can post my current script and any other data required….Thank you