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    Count Items in a portal



      Count Items in a portal


      Can I create a COUNT of a record that is in a portal? For example, I have a portal that displays the "latest date of a series of records." Can I count the ones that display a certain date. I hope this is clear enough for someone to give me an answer.



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          Thank you for your post.


          In a calculation field, you can use the Count() function to count the number of entries in a Portal.  If you perform a search for a particular date in a portal, the Count() will return the number of entries in that portal with that specific date.  You can then summarize this across all records.



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                 What do you do if you have a complex filter in place for your portal? Is there a better way to do this? 


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                   I use a 'found' field (which gets the found count) on the table occurrence that populates the portal. So on a layout based on ORGANISATION table occurrence, a portal showing Consultees within that organisation uses <<organisation_CONSULTEE::found>> to count the entries in the portal. As far as I can see, it gets an accurate count regardless of the complexity of the portal filter.

                   Does that work for you?


                   CORRECTION: I have confused filtering with the relationship specification. What I have written above does not work for filtering. Sorry!blush