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Count Letters across fields

Question asked by fmpro_novice on Jan 24, 2015
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Count Letters across fields


Would someone please create a demo file for me to show me how this would work?

Ideally, the structure would be something I can add to my existing data base - so I would use calcs instead of new relationships.

As shown in the attachment, I simply need to count the number of A's and the number of B's in the fields. Each A equals 1 and each B equals 1. The dash marks equal 1/2 and would be added to the total count of A's and B's.

My example shows (8) A's and 5 dashes, for a total of 10.5. The number of B's is (5) and 5 dashes, for a total of 7.5. Each field represents something unique, so I need the fields to stay separate. Then, the total would be a field. I also could possibly make one field for the count of A's (plus dashes) and one field for the count of B's (plus dashes) - whichever way is easiest.

Thank you!