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Count Number of Records from Related Table

Question asked by Terri on Mar 27, 2013
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Count Number of Records from Related Table


     I have two tables:
     Workhorse Data - contains all the styles and each color available for that style. So there is one style and it has 5 colors so that style actually has 5 records.
     Workhorse Styles - I import records from the Data table but validate the style as unique only, so this only shows one record for each style. 
     I'm trying to figure out how to show on a layout from the Workhorse Styles table (Layout is called Reports) the number of colors that have a status of adopted for that particular style (this information is on the Data table). 
     Workhorse Data Table:
     Style 123456
     Color A - Adopted
     Color B - Adopted
     Color C - Dropped
     Color D - Adopted
     Reports Layout needs to show:
     Style 123456
     Count of colors adopted = 3
     I hope I gave enough information. I know how to add a summary field that is created from the Workhorse Data table and put it on this layout but it shows the total count of colors, not a count of only adopted colors.