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Count Number of Records with Related Field Value

Question asked by BrianKnippa on Dec 4, 2014
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Count Number of Records with Related Field Value



I have searched all over the forums and internet for a solution for what I am trying to do and cannot figure out how to get it to work.

I want a field that displays the count of all the records in the database that have the same value in a specific field. For example, I have 10 records that have the field "ECR #". 

  1. ECR #: 1
  3. ECR #: 1
  5. ECR #: 1
  7. ECR #: 2
  9. ECR #: 2
  11. ECR #: 2
  13. ECR #: 2
  15. ECR #: 2
  17. ECR #: 3
  19. ECR #: 3

I want a field that will automatically give me the number of related records with the same value in the "ECR #" field. For example, if I was on record 3, the value of said field (call it "ECR # Count") would be 3, as the current record has a "ECR #" field value of 1, and two other records in the entire database have the same "ECR #" field value (records 1 and 2). If you were on record 6, the "ECR # Count" field value would be 5, as there is a total of 5 records with "ECR #" field value of 2, ....etc.

I have tried to make sense of those two links, but I am not working with tables, and when I try to use a Summary Field, (ECR # Count->Summary->Count of "ECR #") it counts every record that has a valid "ECR #" field. (So using the example database above, it would spit out 10 on every record.)

It probably is some simple mistake or misunderstanding that I am missing.