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Count of Occurrences of element in a field

Question asked by JamesSick on Jan 2, 2014
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Count of Occurrences of element in a field


     Hello everyone,


     I am trying to make reports of a student satisfaction survey to return to teachers. There are 25 courses, 14 questions, anywhere from 5 to 20 students per course. All questions were multiple choice, Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagree, or Strongly Disagree. I would like the teacher report to simply report the raw count of course takers who answered Strongly AgreeAgree, etc. for each question. Something like this:


     Course: American business

     Teacher: Mike


     1. The course goals were clearly presented:   (SA) 7    (A) 5    (D) 1  (SD) 0

     2. The course increased my understanding:    (SA) 7    (A) 5    (D) 1  (SD) 1


     I've set up two tables and joined them:











     I've been unable to figure how to count the number of SA or A responses to each question for a Found Set (a course). Should I be using a Summary Field  = Count? This seems to count all fields with a response. That is, all of them. Is there a way to count if response = SA, as I would do in Excel? Do I have the database tables set up correctly? I'm I barking up the wrong tree? Any help or pointers greatly appreciated.