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Count of record

Question asked by FileMakerNovice on Feb 4, 2013
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Count of record



     I am working with another person's database and wanted to confirm I was using a count correctly.  I have the following tables:
     Employees- Contains employee name, id, email, etc.
     Calls- Contains date of call, employee id, call id
     CallSummary- Contains call id, CustomerSkill id, ListeningSkill id, TechSkill id
     Grade- Contains id, value and notes.

     With the following relationships:
     CallSummary::CustomerSkill id=Grade::id
     CallSummary::Listening id=Grade::id
     CallSummary::TechSkill id=Grade::id

     So... when an employee gets a call, the call is populated in Calls.  When a manager grades a call, it attaches a call summary to the Call.  A manager enters a 0-10 grade for the three options: CustomerSkill, Listening and TechSkill.  These can be left blank and do not affect grade.

     This is someone elses table and I'm having difficulty getting a count of CustomerSkill, Listening and TechSkill for use with calculations in the Employee table.  This person's database is in another filemaker file that I have built the relationships into mine.  I have gotten a "Call Count" already by creating a summary field "Count of CallID" in Calls.  I can then reference this in Employees in a calculation.  I have other tables that I'm calculating grades in and I want to get a grade for CallQuality.  Something to the affect of (CustomerSkillSumOfGrades/CustomerSkillCount)+(ListentingSkillSumOfGrades/CustomerSkillCount)+(TechSkillSumOfGrades/TechSkillCount)/3.  

     Not positive why the person developed it this way but there is no opportunity to change his database.  I will need to work with the data the way it it.

     Thanks in advance.