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Count of records in the last 30 days

Question asked by david583 on Oct 8, 2010
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Count of records in the last 30 days


FM Pro10, FM Pro11, FM server11. Shared Windows network, XP & Vista. Solution built on Pro10.

We have a Helpdesk database tracking customer calls/solutions

We have a portal showing customers sorted on the total count of open jobs they have.

What we need is the portal showing the customers total jobs opened in the last 30 days.

I currently have calculation fields in my Customers table (portal based on this) that calculates the total jobs, the total open jobs and (hopefully) the total jobs in the last 30 days. The one that doesn't work is listed below, I am hoping someone can see where I'm going wrong.

Case (
Helpdesk::Just_Date ≤ Get ( CurrentDate )
helpdesk::Just_Date ≥ (Get ( CurrentDate ) - 30 ) ;
Count ( Helpdesk::Job_No) )

I have also tried looking for a found count instead of counting the job number field, but that didn't seem to work any better.