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Count of specific values in a field in IWP

Question asked by slaglemark on Nov 18, 2011
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Count of specific values in a field in IWP


hi, thanks for your time


i use IWP to distribute my solution, which has a large impact on my question.


i have a TO with a field ANSWER.  four possible values ABCD

i want to simply get a total of the count of each of these values for the found set.

12 records had A, 4 had B, etc


i am currently doing the following:

cCase ANSWER A = Case (ANSWER = "A" ; 1 )


c%ANSWER A = sTotal ANSWER A / FoundCount


to get total answers A and % of results answering A.

doing this for each option ABCD


for each "question" for which there is an ANSWER field.  44 in this case.  yuck.


is there a better way?


thanks again!