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    Count of Value List



      Count of Value List




      I have a field caleld contact type that has a value list as a drop down. The value list is custom values like phone call, voicemail, email, etc.


      I'm wonfering if it's possible to get a count of the values used since they are all in the same feild. I have my fingers crossed!


      End Result would be something like this:

      Phone Call     3

      Voicemail       3

      Email             2

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          What kind of value list format are you using? a CheckBox Set?

          And am I correct that you want the count over a found set of records, not just the values selected in a given checkbox set?

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            It's a drop down. It will be a found set of records.

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              So you can only enter a single value in the field. I was thinking that was what complicated this and completely missed the phase "drop down list" Embarassed

              Then a summary report with a "count of" summary field and a sub summary layout part "when sorted by" this field can be used to get your counts. You'd delete the body layout part in order to get just one row for each value used.

              If you need this list as part of a more complex report, you can set up a filtered portal (fileMaker 11) or a calculaton field using Execute SQL (FileMaker 12).

              If you used the portal, you'd need to create a related table with one record for each value in your value list.

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                What if i want to go one step further.


                Take all of the activites within a found set : sub summarize by rep who entered the activit (text field) ; then subsummarize the contact type per rep.



                Phone Call 2

                Voicemail 3


                Phone Call5




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                  It's very easy to set up as a summary report.

                  You'd need one sub summary layout part when sorted by Rep (put the name field in this part)

                  and one sub summary when sorted by Type (put the Type and summary field in this part)

                  THen sort your records first by rep, but also by Type.

                  And don't forget to remove the body layout part.

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                    Thanks. This does summarize by rep and give me the granf total of the "type" field, but it does not seperate out the value list options that are used on teh drop down for the "type" field. It's only providing the type in the first related record, not each value listed in that field.

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                      What related records? That's the first I've heard of related records in this thread.

                      I've assumed that your report was done from a layout based on the table in which you have defined your type field. Please describe the tables involved and how they are related.

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                        Ah! That was my problem. It pulled the records from the origional layout and it works.


                        Thank you!