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Count or summary of Drop Down Fields

Question asked by tso on May 19, 2011
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Count or summary of Drop Down Fields


Need advice for the best/easiest way to count or summarize drop down fields in a table ( I've got a book on FMP but I'm still a beginner. Don't see exactly what i need there...)

We have a database filled with patients and donors but we only need to tally demographic info on the patients for every month, quarter, year.

We have a table called PATIENT DEMOGRAPHICS with 10 drop downs - like ethnicity (choose 1 of 9), income (choose low, med, high)...etc.

So we need to generate  reports during specific time frames of patients served, thus counting up all the data in the drop downs.

April 2011:

32 women

18 men

5 from San Francisco county

18 african american