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    Count Question



      Count Question


      Hello everyone,

      I have a database, for my records only which has no relationship to another table.  There are alot of records in the body part of the layout, and I want to add 3 fields to the footer section.  

      Count of all the records in the body part

      Count of records which are (RadioButton::Delivered)

      Count of records which are (RadioButton::OnHold)

      Count of records which are (RadioButton::Failed)

      Instead of making a search everytime, I want to see them below as a summary. 



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          Count of all the records in the body part

          Use an unstored calculation field with get ( FoundCOunt ) Or a summary field defined as the "count of" a field in your table that is never blank.

          On the other three counts, it's much easier to get your three counts if you add sub summary parts when sorted by your radio button field. Then you can put a summary field that counts your radio button field (or any other field that is nevery empty) in the sub summary part and you will get your three counts.

          This won't put the three counts in the footer of your layout, however.

          If that's an option you must have (this takes more work and is less flexible than the above method), you can set up a self join relationship of this table to itself and use it to count the records. Before I spell out that option, I'll need to know more about your report.

          Does the report list all records in the table or just a portion of the records?

          If it's a subset of all the records in the report, what kind of finds do you perform to pull up the records you want for it? (This has to be taken into account when setting up a system to produce the three counts.)

          Do the counts of "delivered", "OnHold", "Failed" records represent the only three values in this radio button field?

          I think you want a count of these three categories just for the records listed in your report. Please confirm that I am right or tell me what you want if I am not correct.

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            I did it with the first way that you described, thanks PhilModJunk.  I got what I needed with the sub-summary parts, and I put the the total count as a summary field at the footer part. I also put a sort button which will first sort the records according to PIN of a contact, then sort according to radio button values.