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    Count radio buttons

    Oscar Scudder


      Count radio buttons


      Students::Student ID = Student Register::StudentID //enable "Allow creation of records..." for Student Register here//


      Course Schedule::CourseID = Student Register::CourseID //enable "Allow creation of records..." for Student Register here//


      Course Schedule::ClassID = Classes::ClassID


      The radio button that I am trying to count is in the students. the button is a Yes paid & Not paid button.

      Where i want the number to show up is in the Course Schedule in a field labled Registered/ Paid number field.


      If need can email snap shot of the TO'S


      Any help this is just one of two problem that i have not been able to solve, and after thes two problems are fixed i will be done with this.


      Thanks for all the help


      You can either email me at oscarcpr@gmail.com .


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          Without changing the values you used in your radio button field, you'll need a calculation field in students that returns a 1 for Paid and null for not paid.


          Something like: cPaidflag : If ( RadioButtonField = "Paid" ; 1 ; "" )


          Then a calculation field in Course Schedule can be set up that uses the count function:


          Count ( Students :: cPaidFlag )


          Will return the total number of paid students enrolled in a given class.