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Count records with current field letter

Question asked by RoyRoyAlty on Mar 23, 2011
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Count records with current field letter


Hello reader,

I am a new user of filemaker. Or non profit organisation asked me to make a little database program to administer the kids that come to or party.

So i made a database and has de fields "Name" "Adress" and "Groupchar". (and some more information)

We want to make groups of 10 kids. This group has a group character.

So 10 kids in group "A", 10 kids in group "B" and so on....

Now i want to make the field Groupchar so it will count how many kids already have a character.
So when there is a character is entered the character is counted till 10 max and give a message that there are already 10 kids with the character.

I have searched the forum but nothing works for me. Can some one please help me.