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Count Related Records Multiple Criteria

Question asked by sccardais on Aug 12, 2015
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Count Related Records Multiple Criteria


My question is about creating a relationship between two tables to count the number of related records based in multiple criteria.

  • Table A has fields "email_address" and "Date" and "g_Constant" (set to "Client") and "ID"
  • Table B has fields: "email_address" and "Status" and "ID"


For records in Table A with Table A::Date < 12 months ago, I want to count the number of records in Table B with an email address that matches records in Table A and with Table B::Status = "Client."

The email address is not unique in either Table but the "ID" field is unique in each.

Summary: Starting with a subset of records in Table A (Date < 12 months ago), how many records are there in Table B with a matching email address AND with Table B::Status = "Client."

I'm using FMPA v 14.0.1

How should I do this?