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Count Unique IDs - How?

Question asked by sksmith2517 on Jul 1, 2014
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Count Unique IDs - How?


     Trying to follow a previous post from January 2014: Displaying a count of unique values for fields in a portal

     the expression shown is: ValueCount ( ValueListItems ( Get ( FIleName ) ; "YourValueListNameHereInQuotes" ) )
     My expression reads: 
ValueCount ( ValueListItems (Get (FileName); "CountryCount" ) ); this always returns 1.

I created what I think is a conditional a value list: CountryCount

Use values from field "Workers::_KF_ID_Country" (Workers is the main table listing all partners. Country is a related table),  I want to count how many countries are represented on a Summary Sheet - or any other report).

Specify field Use values from first field = Workers, _KF_ID_Country
     Include only related values starting from Country.

     This is quite a foreign language to me, and I thought perhaps I have the tables backwards, so I tried entering values from field: "Country::Country" (related values only) and still get a result of 1.  Nerts obviously not getting this.

     Then I tried the Execute SQL expression and the field returns a ? (And I don't know what that means, other than wrong).
     My expression: ExecuteSQL ("SELECT COUNT ( DISTINCT _KF_ID_County ) FROM CountryCount" ; "" ; ""  ) Calc return is set to an unstored number. 

     Is there any hope?
     Thanks if you can help.