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Counter for Line Items on Invoice starter solution

Question asked by MichaelLawrence on Aug 3, 2013
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Counter for Line Items on Invoice starter solution


     I hoping someone can help me out. I have modified the 'Invoice' starter solution for our office to handle the database of our customers and their daily transcations. Everyone loves the database as it is very easy to use when creating new customers or creating multiple inovices in a row for a variety of customers walking up to our window. One of the reasons we went with the 'invoice' starter solution is that it has a portal on the 'Invoice Details' that will allow you to add multiple items very easily to the same invoice. The only thing that I can't for the life of me figure out is how to create a counter for this particular table.

     Our customers typically have multiple items on every invoice, and to make things easy we always have an item count on our invoices. Unfortunately the way we do this is by having our receptionist type the ascending line item number (1, 2, 3, 4 etc) in the 'Item' field. It isn't perfect but it serves the purpose to keep track of how many different items are being sold or purchased. What our receptionist is requesting is that the everytime a new item is added the item count would update itself and have the tab focus be on the 'Part Number' field. I can set tab orders and everything fine, but the way this database is set up I am having trouble figuring out the right way to make a 'count' of the total line items