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Counting a Variable

Question asked by QuincyBaynes on Mar 23, 2015
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Counting a Variable



I have a file maker calendar that "m just about finished with. The portals are filtered by a variable. ex. $$day 1, $$day 2 and so on to day 42. I'm trying to add a field that would tell me how many records I have more than the four that's showing. My portal has for four records but I don't want to use a scroll bar. Any ideas?

I was playing with just using a text "More Events" and setting it to white (the background color) then have it turn conditionally turn to back if more than 4 records exist.

I was also thing about putting a field that says "X" more Events but I would need a way to could the records. The first one seems easier but the second on would look cleaner. Any thought on how to write a calculation to achieve this.