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Counting Business Visits

Question asked by gldiaz on Jan 18, 2012
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Counting Business Visits



I have over 130 Businesses that I must  visit thru-out the month. Some, multiple times. Now, Here's what I'm hoping some direction on.

I have FMK 11 with each business profile information noted; as "Name, address, city, Area and Performance Zone. I'm hoping for a way to count the number of times, I've visited a particular business, over a "Period of time". The count is to help me graph out what "City Region/Areas" are receiving more attention than others. There's (8) zones, with each noted as Zone 1,2,3, etc. The Areas are noted likel East, North, South, West.

 I'm simply unsure where to start. Are there any similar solutions already in the forum that could help.
If not, a little direction would be helpful.

Thks GD