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counting duplicate records-and answer in a field in table view

Question asked by coartist on Jun 11, 2010
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counting duplicate records-and answer in a field in table view



I have been trying to solve a problem which I thought would be simple and commonplace but I can't seem to find the answer. I have a database of about 16,000 records. The main purpose of it is to group items with similar features. These items which are similar are assigned a unique alpha numeric name. I am trying to create a calculation for a field which will count how many of each unique group and then have that field shown in a table view with the rest of a record's info. So that when I am looking at a particular record, I can immediately view how many other records are like it. So if one record is called AB12345, and there are 10 AB12345's in the entirety of 16,000 records, I want this field to say '10' so that I know that there are 10 of the same kind called AB12345. All I am able to do is get a gross total of 16,000 for this field. I have tried various 'case' and 'If' calculations, using other summary fields and I can't qualify the calculation to look in the entire database for the name of the active record I am looking at. Maybe I'm making this too difficult and the answer is plain and simple, but I could sure use some other eyes on this question.