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Counting field values in a Layout form

Question asked by KevinSiddons on Feb 5, 2014
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Counting field values in a Layout form


     Thanks in advance for your help.


     I'm in the process of creating a form for summarizing Cause of Death health data. This is a yearly dataset of people who died in a given location.

     Each record has the individual's COD (Cause of Death). I've created a lookup table that links the individual's COD code the seven levels of categories. Level 1 is the most general set of categories; level 7 shows if the COD was drug-induced.

     my Layout successfully counts the number of COD codes within each Level 1 category. What I want to add is the count of drug-induced CODs (Level 7 data) per Level 1 category.


     For example, in the category 'Externally Caused COD' (Level 1), how many are drug-induced (level 7).


     any help appreciated.