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Counting found records in a script

Question asked by d_a_m on Jul 31, 2009
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Counting found records in a script


The database I use tracks information on race, sex, age and contract type(daily or weekly) of union actors on movies.  I enter specific information for each actor using a layout with checkbox sets and value lists.  When the movie ends, I have to prepare a report that shows all of the information on the actors.  This report has numerous fields containing numerous calculations.

I am driving myself crazy trying to create multiple scripts that could then be combined into one mega-script that would then populate the report layout for the union.  I am sure this is possible; I just don’t know how to do it.

So far I have created a script to find one specific set of information within the records.
This info is male lead cast members with daily contracts.  I want a count of these records and then I want to send this count to the report sheet.  This will need to be repeated, using different find parameters, multiple times with all of the results being sent to the same report layout.

I can’t find a script function that will give me a count of the found record set. However, I have found the field calculation option for Get(FoundCount) but I can’t make it work either.

Looking for a lot of help here…..