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Counting items based on 2 parameters

Question asked by ay on May 18, 2010
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Counting items based on 2 parameters


I'm testing out Filemaker 11.0v1 to make a CRM database and I want to see how many leads a sales person has closed.  I have 2 tables set up: a leads and sales person table.  The leads table has categories for the name of the lead, the sales person working the lead, and whether it is closed or still prospective ("status").  The sales table has the sales person's name, the # of leads still open, and the # of leads closed.


I want the # of closed leads category to be a count of the number of leads that a sales person has closed.  In other words, if there were a countif() function, I would countif(Leads::lead;leads::salesperson=salesperson and leads::status= "closed").  I've tried searching through other posts and wasn't able to figure this out.  Any suggestions?