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Counting Occurance of an Item in a Drop Down Menu

Question asked by niponki on May 20, 2010
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Counting Occurance of an Item in a Drop Down Menu




First time posting here, but I have received a ton of help already by searching and reading through what all you FM whiz's have had to say about some tricky problems.  So, thank you very much to everyone for the help so far!  :smileyhappy:


Version: File Maker Pro 6 (I know I know..  we are waiting for an upgrade...  still waiting...  still waiting... haha)

Platform: Windows XP

Me: Fairly new user, basic understanding of how to get around and create things, but no master by any means. 



I am creating a database that allows users to input various information about an item, all related to its serial number.  One of the layouts in my database has an area for a machinist to enter comments about his work on the item.  There are over 3000 items in the database, so each item has its own record.  Basically, he preforms a search for the serial number he wants, that record is pulled, and he enters in his comments.  For trackability purposes, the comments are in the form of a drop down menu.   



I want to to be able to have a separate layout that is more or less a summary layout which will collect certain data from each of the layouts and display how many instances of "good, bad, etc" have been selected from the drop down menus.



I think I should be using some sort of global field, but why doesn't a "running count - summary field" work?  I thought of using a calucation field that would be in the form of:


IF (fieldName=machinistComments)

COUNT (machinistComments)


But I am not sure how to get it to read all the occurrances in all the records, not just the one shown on the current layout.  Also, I am pretty shakey on the syntax for it, but I think that is the least of my worries. 


Any thoughts?


Thank you