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    Counting or Sub-Summary?



      Counting or Sub-Summary?


           I am creating a database of applicants to a academic program and I am trying to count the number of applicants from a particular institution in a particular application year. 

           I have a table for Applicants and a table for Institutions. Ideally the count for number of applicants would go in the Instutitons Table. 

           I am running Filemaker Pro 11 on Mac. If any additional details would be helpful let me know. 



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               Count ( applicants::anyFieldthatIsNeverEmpty ) can be defined in instiutions to count the number of applicants for a given institution.

               If you define a "count of" summary field in applicants (must also count a field that is never empty), you can place that summary on your institution layout and you'll get the same count.

               Or, you can set up a summary report with sub summary layout parts on a applicants based layout and you can also show the same counts for each institution.

               This last option can list just the institutions or it can list the institution as a "sub head" with the individual applications listed grouped with it. It can also be a report that further filters the applicants being counted--such as all the applicants for a given year or from a specific part of the country.

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                 Thank you!

                 What elements would the last option need to contain? Would they need to be in a portal?

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                   No portal, the last option is a summary report with a specific sort order consistent with Sub summary layout parts on a layout that is viewed in List view.

                   This tutorial on summary reports may be helpful: Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial