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Counting Project No occurrences

Question asked by jessieleah on Nov 30, 2011
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Counting Project No occurrences


I have a table that we use to track a crew person's work history - what project they worked on, dates, position held on the projects, etc

I included a jpg of what I'm wondering how to do, if it can be done.  I work better with pictures.

Basically the picture show a person working 2 days on project 164 and 1 day on 2 other projects.  Rather count the days, is there a calculation that can capture the number of projects?  3 projects

What the table is designed to do is show career development for career advancement.  So many days as a truck driver, or escort driver, or heigh poleman, etc need to be acheived before moving up a pay grade.  One of the requirements is for example: an E4 has to complete 200 days in the field and complete 5 projects.  Tracking the field days isn't a big deal - it's tracking the projects unless you look at the table and manual count how many projects were worked on in those 200 days.  I'm confusing myself and out of my technical skill set when it comes to this so I'm funmbling my words...

Honestly, I can't even put into words what I'm looking for...please see the attached screen shot.  Sorry!