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    counting radio buttons



      counting radio buttons


      i am not sure if i am trying to do this the hard way or not but i am trying to create a marksbook database for students.

      For each task there is a series of criteria that students need to demonstrate. at this point in time i have the fields set up as the criteria and the field types as radio buttons. ( i was toying with the idea of check boxes but am not really sure if one is better than the other)

      What i want to be able to set up is a field that counts the number of radio buttons that have been 'activated'.

      i want this database to be used on a ipad so the ability to touch rather than enter letters is part of the reason why i have tried these options.

      any suggestions would be great - thanks

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          It sounds like you are describing one field for each criteria?  If so, it will work a lot better if you establish one RECORD per criteria and simply count records.  What is the value of the radio button; is it 'yes' or 'no' or '1' and '0'? 

          If you can switch to records instead of fields (and we'd help you through the switch and it TRULY is the wise way to go) then you would simply count the records. :^)

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            Thanks LaRetta

            the radio buttons are set as yes or no. i am not sure if i understand with the records suggestion. i have listed how i currently have it set up:

            (Student Name) (Criteria 1) (Criteria 2) (Criteria 3)     (Criteria 4) (Number of Criteria completed)

            There are radio buttons for each of the criteria.  I am hoping to set up a calculation so that the last field can determine how many criteria have been met by each student.  The number of criteria would then generate a grade.  does your suggestion with the records per criteria allow me to do the same thing?  i am in the midst of trialling the best set up so i am happy to try different things to get the best option