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Counting Records

Question asked by DerekCosta on Jun 25, 2015
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Counting Records




I am developing a solution for my team of managers and have run into a snag that I cannot seem to overcome.  What I need to accomplish is to create a layout on which it displays a list of all Employees on the left, and EntryTypes across the top, with a count of the number of records found of each type in a specified Fiscal Period.


I have a table called Coaching, with the following fields:
• Serail (Text, Auto-Enter UUID)
• ReferencedEmployee (Text)
• Date (Date)
• FiscalPeriod (Text)
• EntryType (Text)
• Logged (Number) 

Table:  Personnel
• Serial (Text, Auto-Enter UUID)
• FirstName
• LastName
• PreferredName
• CompleteName

An approximation of what I'm looking to do: 

I have a feeling that this will involve use of summaries and sub summaries, however this is an aspect of FM I'm not well versed in.  Any insight or direction would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!