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Counting records in the results of a sub-summary

Question asked by DavidMenlow on Jul 23, 2015
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Counting records in the results of a sub-summary


I am working with a financial file that sorts in a sub-summary field called Underwriter.  Each record has a field called Ranking.  There are roughly 300 records and when sorted by Underwriter and Name, I may have 25 groupings with the Underwriter listed in each sub-summary field.  In that grouping are the companies that match that field.  I need to come up with a procedure, function, etc, to put a sequential number in all the records within each company for each of the underwriters.  Each grouping must start out with 1 and incrementally increase by one.  It cannot be 1 moving up through all the 300 records.  It needs to signify the rankings for each sub-summary.  Thank you for your attention to this.