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Counting the number of records in a Portal

Question asked by brian.curran on Nov 2, 2012
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Counting the number of records in a Portal


     I have a 'Count' field above a portal that tells me the number of records listed in the Table. I now want to exclude any records that are ex-customers but I'm not sure how to write the formula.

     Layout is based on 'AlarmCo' table
     Portal is showing related records from the 'Site' table
     Filter is Site::SiteActiveFlag = 1

     This works fine as the first AlarmCo listed has 5 sites associated with it but only 4 show up in the portal due to 1 site being marked as inactive with a 0.

     However, the Count field above the portal still shows at total of 5 records as the 'Count' calculation field in AlarmCo table is using the following: Count ( Site::__kpSiteID )

     I tried amending it to Count ( Site::__kpSiteID ) and (Site::SiteActiveFlag = 1) but that didn't work, any suggestions?