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Counting vacation days

Question asked by cps-tech on May 20, 2009
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Counting vacation days


I am trying to set up a basic database that tracks staff days off (vacation, sick...)I can get it to count the days I have off, but I cannot figure out how to account for half-days off.  I was using the count feature:


sick_count = If(attendance_Type="Sick";1;0) and combining that with a summary field of total_sick=Summary of sick_count


but that only works for people taking a whole day off.  I need it to count by .5 for half days AND 1 for whole days.  How can I have it count by ones for whole days and count by .5 for half days?  Is there a way to count occurances when BOTH day_length=.5 AND attendance_type ="Sick" and then combine that with day_lentgh=1 AND attendance_type="Sick"


I know my way around FileMaker a bit, but I am far from an expert on these calculations.